VFW Post 8600
Gadsden Alabama
PO Box 8601
Gadsden Alabama, 35902
Phone: 256.546.2440
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Post Membership Meeting Nov 2019

Post Membership Meeting Nov 12, 2019

1) Opening Ceremony: Meeting called to order at 18:20 by Commander. Chaplin gave opening prayer and all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance

2) Guests: none

3) Roll call of Officers: 15 present, 3 excused (adj, sr office, 1yr trustee)

4) Petitions for membership: Partition for membership: Robin Sparks, Jerry Pollan, Matthew Smith, Elizabeth Stanley, Jeffery Garman, StaceyGarman, Stephen Hardman, Jack Wayer Transfer. Motion to accept by Johnny H, seconded by Jimmy B

5) Reading Highlights of previous minutes: Distributed. Correction, change word 'passed' on item 4 to 'accept' . Motion to accept made by Johnny, second by Maurice.

6) Quartermaster Report of income and disbursements: The financial situation was discussed and read over. Motion to accept by Danny, second by Maurice. Subject to audit.

7) Comrade in Distress: None.

8) Committee Reports: Buddy Poppy drive in Rainbow City this Saturday. House Committee: Hire another bar tender, maybe one night a week or fill in. New Years eve party, looking at cheaper band. $20 Single, $35 couple. Christmas Veterans Christmas Party Dec 13th, also Post Party in evening. Air Conditioner still having property heating. Raffle for computer donated. Looking for Realtor to put building up for sale. Closing Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day. Commander: Explained Community service and highlighted a few thing done recently for VIN (Veterans in Need). Short discussion on reputation - bad press.

9) Reading of official Communications: Jan 16th to 19th mid-winter conference.

10) Unfinished Business: None

11) New Business:

  • Jimmy B made motion to allocate up to $900 for New Years eve Party. This is contingency, in past Pre-sale of tickets has taken care of all expenses. Motion to accept by Johnny H, second by Kevin D. Motion passed.

  • Jimmy B request to allocate $500 for Veterans Christmas Party. Motion by Steve A, seconded by Kevin D. Motion passed

  • Jimmy B request we give Christmas bonus of $100 to bartenders. Motion by Kevin D, seconded by Johnny H. Motion passed.

  • Discussion on Fund Raisers. All must be voted on at membership meeting. Steve A motioned we raffle for 2 computers and allow whiskey raffle for bartenders. Seconded by Jimmy B. Motion passed

12) Good of the Order: District meeting at Glennco this Sunday. Need Commander and or Adjutant to get access to Dashboard on VFW site. Had a little peep talk on what it takes to run the post and doing community service.

13) Closing Ceremony: Performed and meeting adjourned by Commander Shelly. Next meeting will be held December 10.

Adjutant, Andrew Plam (Quartermaster took minutes)

Commander, Joyce Shelley