VFW Post 8600
Gadsden Alabama
PO Box 8601
Gadsden Alabama, 35902
Phone: 256.546.2440
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Post Membership Meeting 2016-10 minutes

Wilson Parris VFW Post 8600
817 Rainbow Drive
Gadsden, Alabama 35901
Post Membership Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2016
  1. Opening Ceremony: Meeting Opened at 6:05 PM by Commander LaPoint. Opening ceremonies conducted. Chaplin Maurice Sanders gave opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance recited by all members present.
  2. Guests: Before and business, Eagle Scout Andrew Gowens gave a presentations on his Eagle Scout Presentation
  3. Roll Call of Officers: 13 Present, 1 Absent (Spraley - moving), 2 Excused (Wilder, Bozeman).
  4. Petitions For Membership: No New Applicants. Transfer coming in form Georgia, need to finish paperwork.
  5. Distribution and reading highlights of previous minutes approved after collection that 3 officers were excused by Comrade Shelly.
  6. Quartermaster Report of Income and Disbursements given and discussed. Comrade LaPoint made motion to accept Q.M. And seconded by Comrade Holland to accept Report, subject to Audit.
  7. Comrade in Distress: None.
  8. Committee Reports were given and Approved.
    • Canteen report given by Quartermaster, slightly below average month.
    • Walgreens will conduct Wellness Clinic before the next meeting. Much discussion on when to have it.
    • Veterans Christmas Party should be here is year. Will discuss with 2760. (hold)
    • Next meeting Nov 8th is Voting date. Vote early
    • Comrade Holmes reported on building committee about cost of a commercial appraisal. $30,000 is going rate. No way! If we decide to sell facilities will do by owner, as is.
    • We need help to take care of door for dances.
  9. Reading of official Communications: General Order #4 was read to membership and some items were brought up for discussion.
  10. Unfinished Business: None new, but continue discussing on possibility of selling building and moving to new facility. Will continue to search for information and suggestions on how we can proceed. There are repercussion if we move out of the City on where we can solicit donations.
  11. New Business:
    • Comrade Alex made motion to to allocate up to $500 for extra cost of hall and canteen repair to cover wood work repair not covered in painting contract. LaPoint seconded, motion passed.
    • House committee discussed closing the Canteen on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Christmas party will be on Dec 24th, members and invited guests. Finger food will be served the day after Thanksgiving. Motion made by Alex, seconded by Saunders to close Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Motion passed. There will be no band on Christmas eve.
    • Motion made by Alex to pay Christmas bonus for Three bartenders and Manager ($150 each plus $200 for Manager, basically an extra weeks pay for a total of $650). Motion seconded by Saunders, motion passed
    • We will attempt a New Years eve party, pay in advance.
    • After discussion on Eagle scout Gowens's presentation, a motion was make by Alex and seconded by Holmes to donate $200 for his project. Motion passed.
    • Comrade Holmes is having discussion with poorest school in Gadsden. Was approached by counselor for a donation to help. He will investigate and report any request.
    • Buddy Poppy: Refresh from last month upon request for Comrade Holland.
      • Road Block November 5 at Steele Station Road and Hwy 77 9AM to 2PM.
      • November 10th all three Johnson's Food Stores approximately 9AM to 5PM.
      • November 12th Road Block at E. Broad & George Wallace Drive 9Am to 2PM.
      • November 19, E. Gadsden Walmart 9AM to 5PM.
      • Also, Buddy Poppy Road Block somewhere in Gadsden During the month of May 2017 for Memorial Day.
  12. Good of the Order: Comrade Alex reported on community service report we submitted. He just make the point that there seems to be a lot of inflation! Commander LaPoint also reported that he was approached by member wanting to know when we were going to take down past commander pictures who were removed from office. Just food for thought!
  13. Closing Ceremonies performed and meeting Adjourned by Commander LaPoint at 7:25 PM.
Steven Alex