VFW Post 8600
Gadsden Alabama
PO Box 8601
Gadsden Alabama, 35902
Phone: 256.546.2440
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Post Membership Meeting - Dec 2017

Wilson Parris VFW Post 8600
817 Rainbow Drive
Gadsden, Alabama 35901
  1. Opening Ceremony: Meeting Opened at 6:06 PM by Commander LaPoint. Chaplin Saunders gave opening prayer. Pledge of Allegiance recited by all members present.
  2. Guests: None
  3. Roll Call of Officers:14 Present, 1 Absent (HC2), 1 Excused (Tr2). Cmdr, SVCmdr, JVCmdr, Qmst, Chap, Tr3, Tr2, Tr1, HC1, HC2, HC3, Surg, Serv, Adj, OD, JudgA
  4. Petitions For Membership: Marcus A Lee, Served 2001-2007. Iraq. Motion to accept Saunder, seconded Holmes. Motion passed
  5. Distribution and reading highlights of previous minutes was conducted. There where no correction and the Minutes stand as read.
  6. Quartermaster Report of Income and Disbursements distributed and discussed. An expanded explanation of reports made by Quartermaster. Motion made and seconded (Holmes, Shelly) to accept report, subject to Audit.
  7. Comrade in Distress: None.
  8. Committee Reports.
    • Canteen and House Committee reports given by Chairman Shelly.
      • Added new band "Outlaws" on Nov 25th. So for so good. Attendance up, sales up. Karaoke about the same.
      • Corn hole trying to start up, have not gotten the word out through a few test startups. Delay restart until after the 1st of the year
      • Christmas party Dec 15th. 12pm-2pm for Veterans party, 6pm-8pm Post party.
      • New Years Eve party, band is willing for 1/3 of door. 1/3 will be used for food and stuff. Will require 50 attendees. $15 per person, $25 per couple. After 15, price goes up to $20 per person or $35 for couple. $20 at the door.
      • DHR found two families (3 children) that could use help for Christmas.
      • Looking into a gun show in future. Ft Payne had the space, we are not sure we have it. Maybe smaller version for local stores.
    • Commander LaPoint will bring up several items under new business.
  9. Reading of Official Communications: General Order #6 was read to membership and some items were brought up for discussion (Mid Winter Conference Jan, 150 member Class I club license requirement on Dec 31st). Remember, General Orders are available on the Departments Web Site: http://alvfw.org.
  10. Unfinished Business:
    • $2000 allocated in November to replace carpet in Canteen has ≈ $712 left to finish the old bathroom area
    • $1000 allocated to replace two doors in lounge. Contacting individual who does steel building doors who will provide a quote,
    • For Sale sign has has been purchased. Item complete
    • Buy Plaque, hat or something for Commander LaPoint for All American/State/District accomplishments ($?)
  11. New Business:
    • Two families recommended by DHR with 3 children. Their list is not extensive, suggesting $300. Motion made and seconded (Homes, Saunder) to allocate $300, motion passed.
    • Comrade Plam brought up a family of a Veteran who was displaced from Puerto Rico (hurricane) that may need some help. Does not know exact or even if the need is there. Will check and we may be able to do something before Christmas for the children through our VIN process.
    • Comrade Holmes made a motion that we order the "All State, All American Post 2015-2016" sign that was under unfinished business. Sign cost if $319.44. 4x6 sign to be placeed on front of building. Shelly seconded. Motion passed.
    • Discussion on paying Post dues for members. Projecting to have over 150 members on Dec 31st. There are several that may be in need of funds (M Smith). Motion made by Comrade Alex to pay dues for up to 4 members in need or required for the 150 requirement, seconded by Holmes. Motion passed.
    • Comrade Holland suggested that we take some money out of the flooring to re-striping the parking lot. Will look into it in the spring. Add to unfinished business. Depends on outcome of "For Sale" sign.
    • Comrade Alex made motion that any Post member from WW II or Korean war era, basically members 80 or over be given a "Lifetime Free Pass" to any Post event with a cover charge, excluding special events (basically Dance and Karaoke). Seconded by Holmes. Motion passed.
    • Etowah County Middle School requested flag and pole. Not accepted because of non-support for our programs.
    • Commander LaPoint brought up Mid Winter conference attendance. Requirement's being changed to require Commander, Quartermaster, Trustee and Service Officer. Because of District Commander status,Commander LaPoint's fees may be offset by Department reimbursement. Reservations need to be made before first of year. Several other members requested to attend, but their lodging (if payed by Post) must be reimbursed to the Post. Motion made and seconded (LaPoint, Alex) to allocate registration fees ($60 each) for up to six members and up to 6 nights lodging (≈$99 each) for member to attend conference. (Note: Some attendees may not require lodging and some may not have to pay registration fee if only attending training.) Motion passed.
    • Commander LaPoint brought up the request for reinstatement of the Post’s AUX that was discussed last month. There was some discussion on points made about the differences between Post and Axillary requirements, but all agreed that the membership should vote on this versus a single member (Commander). Members also voiced their support for the efforts of those current and potential Axillary members requesting reinstatement and how they can help the Post and the Veterans of Foreign Wars mission. Comrade Bozeman made a motion (seconded by Shelly) that we accept the reinstatement request, contingent upon meeting all reinstatement requirements of the Department Axillary, and that the necessary paper work, including the minutes of this meeting be forwarded to the Department Auxiliary by Friday, December 15th, 2017. Motion passed by a unanimous show of hands (12-0).
  12. Good of the Order:
    • Lorena Beam having retirement party in Montgomery Jan 6th
    • Commander LaPoint brought up several membership items, mainly dealing with the Council of Administration. He brought up the technically incorrect requirement that Posts with canteens require 150 members to have the canteen open (really a Class I Club License). He is going to attempt a compromise on the number of members required be lowered. Resistance may come from the Department bureaucracy that doses not want to change anything. As long as a Post is in good standing (completes their programs/requirements), there should not be any restrictions. All canteens are not bad and all carnivals are not good - why discrimination.
    • Next meeting January 10th 9th.
  13. Closing Ceremonies performed and meeting Adjourned by Commander LaPoint at 7:30 PM.
Steven Alex