VFW Post 8600
Gadsden Alabama
PO Box 8601
Gadsden Alabama, 35902
Phone: 256.546.2440
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Post Membership Meeting - April 2017

Wilson Parris VFW Post 8600
817 Rainbow Drive
Gadsden, Alabama 35901
Post Membership Meeting Minutes April 11, 2017
  1. Opening Ceremony: Meeting Opened at 6:08 PM by Commander LaPoint. Opening ceremonies conducted. Chaplin Saunder gave opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance recited by all members present.
  2. Guests: None.
  3. Roll Call of Officers:13 Present, 1 Vacant(Tr2) 1 Excused Ttr1,Surg,OD). Cmdr, SVCmdr, JVCmdr, Qmst, Chap, Tr3, Tr2, Tr1, HC1, HC2, HC3, Surg, Serv, Adj, OD, JudgA
  4. Petitions For Membership: Tom McDowell - Qualified Vietnam Vet, Steve Cate - Qualified Vietnam Vet, Jimmy Cline - Qualified Vietnam Vet. Motion to accept by Holmes, seconded by Campbell. Motion passed
  5. Distribution and reading highlights of previous minutes was conducted. Minutes approved as read. LaPoint, Shelly.
  6. Quartermaster Report of Income and Disbursements given and discussed. Down about $4,000 for year. Motion made and seconded (Campbell,Saunders) to accept report, subject to Audit.
  7. Comrade in Distress: None
  8. Committee Reports were given and Approved.
    • Canteen report given by Quartermaster.
    • District meeting April 30, Scottsbor Post. Eat at 1, meet at 2
    • ANG reunion set for Oct 28th
    • Membership second to last in District. Approved to pay membership for up to 25 Members in December. 9 have been paid. Funds approved for up to 16 more. Membership will be paid by post by April 30th for about 8 expired or new members to reach 100%.
    • Next meeting May 9th.
  9. Reading of Official Communications: General Order #10 was read to membership and some items were brought up for discussion. Comrade Homes pointed out the the General Orders are available available on the Departments Web Site: http://alvfw.org.
  10. Unfinished Business:
    • Need sign for building for All American and All State award. Several members will look into the sign if we can get and example.Updated by Shelly
    • Continued discussion of the possibility of having Bingo.
    • $2000 allocated in November to replace carpet in Canteen still on books
    • $750 allocated in December to pay membership for up to 25 members. (Tommy Batson, Herbert Mc Clendon,Jimmie Cunningham,Joshua Hamilton,Robert Garmon,Jedediah Hornbuckle,Richard Benka,Edward Spraley Paid by Post, 16 remain)
    • NOTE: Dues paid on April 28th for 11 more members: Jimmy Cline, Thomas Miller, James Naylor , Jerry Bruce, Kyle Bryant, Justin Hanson, William Mark Woods , Candice Phillips, Herman Sewell, Clarence Bryant, Samuel Strickland.
    • For Sale sign has not been Posted
  11. New Business:
    • Motion made by Alex, Saunders made to purchase $144 worth of small flag to put on gravesides on Memorial Day. Motion Passed
    • House Committee had special meeting on 20th.
      • Tighten up check cashing procedures. Any check cashed include DOB, Drive license # and expiration.
      • The Band Straight Shots has decided to quit. Last date April 23rd. We'll try DJ Matt.
      • A seed has been set to question whether it is worth it to have a Saturday dance. Several options discussed but no action taken.
      • Karaoke fee needs to be raised to $4. Motion made by Alex, Shelly to raise fee to $4. Motion passed.
      • Some discussion on Bingo again.
    Election of Officers
    • Commander. Dave LaPoint. Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Dave LaPoint for Commander
    • Senior Vice Commander. Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Johnny Holmes for Senior Vice Commander
    • Junior Vice Commander. Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Will Campbell for Junior Vice Commander
    • Quartermaster. Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Steven Alex for Quartermaster
    • Chaplin. Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Maurice Sanders for Chaplin
    • 3 Year Trustee. Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Lorena Beam for position
    • 2 Year Trustee. Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Jimmy Bozeman for position
    • 1 Year Trustee. Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Andrew Plam for position
    • 3 Year House Committee. Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Joyce Shelly for position
    • 2 Year House Committee. 3 Year Tim Smith moved to 2 yr
    • 1 Year House Committee. Jeremy Wilder nominated but not present. Johnny Homes nominated and Adjutant cast one unanimous vote for Position
    • Woody Coheley appointed by Commander to Surgeon
    • Joyce Shelly appointed by Commander to Officer of the Day (OD)
  12. Good of the Order:Argument about the definition of 'closed' referencing closing the Canteen during post meeting, not required by National by-laws, but by ours.
  13. Closing Ceremonies performed and meeting Adjourned by Commander LaPoint at 7:28 PM.
Steven Alex