VFW Post 8600
Gadsden Alabama
PO Box 8601
Gadsden Alabama, 35902
Phone: 256.546.2440
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Post Membership Meeting - Jan 2018

Wilson Parris VFW Post 8600
817 Rainbow Drive
Gadsden, Alabama 35901
  1. Opening Ceremony: Meeting Opened at 6:10 PM by Commander LaPoint. Chaplin Saunders gave opening prayer. Pledge of Allegiance recited by all members present.
  2. Guests: None
  3. Roll Call of Officers:9 Present, 5 Absent (JV/JA,Surg,JA,TR3), 1 Excused (Tr2), 1 Vacant (HC2). Cmdr, SVCmdr, JVCmdr, Qmst, Chap, Tr3, Tr2, Tr1, HC1, HC2, HC3, Surg, Serv, Adj, OD, JudgA
  4. Petitions For Membership: George Wilburn - Life Application, Served 1968-1970. Vietnam. Motion to accept Holmes, seconded Shelly. Motion passed
  5. Distribution and reading highlights of previous minutes was conducted. After corrections to next meeting date and the Minutes stand as read.
  6. Quartermaster Report of Income and Disbursements distributed and discussed. An expanded explanation of the report was made by the Quartermaster. Expenses continue to being more than revenue. We need to make at least $2,000 a week to meet expenses. We started off 2017 with $57,153.23 in the bank and ended with $44,625.56 or a $12,527.67 loss. In 2016 we had a $3,929.89 loss. After some discussion/questions/answers the report was accepted, subject to Audit. Those losses and possible actions that need to taken will be discussed during this meeting.
  7. Comrade in Distress: Comrade Holland brought up Comrade Parker. We are all concerned with his ability to drive and his mobility. We just try to help him as much as we can.
  8. Committee Reports.
    • Canteen and House Committee reports given by Chairman Shelly.
      • The new band (Outlaws) were brought in on a trial basis. We had a few good weeks, but they have decided that with the current makeup of the band (and 14 people the last dance), they can't draw the number of people we need. He is trying to put together another band that hopefully will attract a larger crowd.
      • Will try Karaoke on Saturday until we form or find a new band.
      • Reported on Christmas party and donations to family. About 80 veterans attended the party.
      • The New Years dance was quit successful.
      • The Axillary has reformed and meeting tonight and we look forward to working together for the good of the order.
    • Commander LaPoint touched on our programs. Carter Templeton, from Emma Sanson placed first in District, and placed first in the State. Teacher Huffy Vaughn placed first in District but didn't move on. Working on awards and certificates.
  9. Reading of Official Communications: General Order #7 was read to membership and some items were brought up for discussion (Made clear that there is only one kind of VFW membership - Active. There are no Temporary, Associate, Honorary, Courtesy or any other type of membership defined. Mid winter conference in Opilika on Jan 19. We have 5 scheduled to attend. Remember, General Orders are available available on the Departments Web Site: http://alvfw.org.
  10. Unfinished Business:
    • $712 left to finish floor were the old bathroom was located in the lounge.
    • $1000 allocated to replace two doors in lounge. Talked to Mr Riley about door, can't fix must be new.
    • For Sale sign has has been purchased and posted. We ave gotten a couple curiosity inquiries. Item closed last month.
    • All-American sign purchased and waiting for better weather to install.
  11. New Business:
    • Karaoke will be turned over the Auxillary. The agreement is that they are in charge, but will (donate?/pay?) $25 to the Post to cover cleaning and use of the facilities. No vote required.
    • The Axillary, when they quit? or were suspended? in November 2016, donated $1,000 to the post. Comrade Alex made an unapproved statement that if they were reinstated, which they had until February 2018 to do, that the donation would be returned. Since the Auxiliary had not yet started banking, the Post wrote two checks to National for $360.50 for them to pay National the dues they collected for new members. Comrade Alex made motion that we donate $639.50 to the Post's newly reformed Axillary. Seconded by Shelly, motion passed.
    • We did pay $300 under 'Emergency Repairs' to patch holes in asphalt.
    • Commander LaPoint made a motion the under the Manual of Procedures that we delegate the approval of any fund raising activities, or solicitation of funds, for the rest of the year to the house committee. Second by Bozeman, motion passed with one no vote!
    • House Committee 2 vacancy needs to be filled. Comrade Shelly nominated Danny Thornton for House Committee 2. He accepted. Motion made and passed to elect Danny Thornton to the House Committee 2 position.
    • Commander LaPoint brought up we need to tighten up our minutes to reflect what expenses were approved and for who (when its in regard to reimburse member for attending meeting etc).
  12. Good of the Order:
    • Comrade Holland would like to clean up the old shed area.
    • Discussed members buying/donating things for post. There have been quit a few items donated recently, and some have said maybe we should reimburse them. All funds, except for $1000 weekly operating budget for the canteen and emergency repairs needs to be approved by the membership. There maybe situations which call for "You shouldn't have done that, but it really helped.", but they should not be the norm.
    • Comrade Homes started a lengthly discussion about our business problems. We need to get more serious on what we are going to do and how long we are going to continue operating the canteen at a loss. He had no answer, but action needs to be taken. Commander LaPoint said the House committee needs to, as soon as possible provide to the membership on suggested actions/options. We keep hoping that a band will solve some of our problems, but Comrade Holmes pointed that we've been down that road and he's not sure we'd get anymore participation if we didn't charge anything for the dance. We have to find out the reasons people are not coming to both the Dance and the Canteen. The house committee will discuss and report to the membership the next meeting.
    • Next meeting February 13th.
  13. Closing Ceremonies performed and meeting Adjourned by Commander LaPoint at 7:30 PM.
Steven Alex