VFW Post 8600
Gadsden Alabama
PO Box 8601
Gadsden Alabama, 35902
Phone: 256.546.2440
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Post Membership Meeting, January 2019

Wilson Parris VFW Post 8600
817 Rainbow Drive
Gadsden, Alabama 35901
  1. Opening Ceremony: (00:06:15) Meeting Opened on Jan 8th, 2019 at 6:20pm by Commander Shelley. Quartermaster Bozeman gave opening prayer. Pledge of Allegiance recited by all members present.
  2. Guests:
  3. Roll Call of Officers:(00:08:50)
    12 Present, 2 excused(Serv,HC2), 1 absent(Chap) 1 Vacant(SVCmdr). Cmdr, SVCmdr, JVCmdr, Qmst, Chap, Tr3, Tr2, Tr1, HC1, HC2, HC3, Surg, Serv, Adj, OD, JudgA
  4. Petitions For Membership:
  5. Reading highlights of previous minutes.(00:10:45 )
    Minutes were read and will be posted on web site later. There were minor corrections made and to the minutes and the minutes stand as read/distributed.
  6. Quartermaster Report of Income and Disbursements (00:14:34)
    Copies distributed and discussed. As of today (2019-02-08) we have $44,451.18 in the bank for a $114.38 loss since the beginning of 2018. Motion made and seconded (Holmes,Thornton) to accepted report, motion carried subject to Audit.
  7. Comrade in Distress: (00:18:10)
    • Sonny Boyers - Need to check status
    • Gene McBride - Rehab in Attala
    • Reported on Dave's service and efforts to help Fran and her status.
    • General discussion veterans benefits and what we all need to do by Comrade Beam.
    • Commander Shelley brought up that Comrade Holmes (present) just had a heart cath and his wife is scheduled for next week.
  8. Committee Reports. (00:38:14)
    • Comrade Thornton reported on programs
      • Firefighter and EMT submitted. One of our teachers submitted won 1st place in Department (Casey Underwood) and forwarded to National. Will bring up under new business supplies needed to be purchased for programs
      • Still planning to visit Veterans home in Pell City. Talked to Anne Toms, chairman of Veterans Homes Committee. Every county will have their own VSO's starting this year.
      • Got permits for upcoming Buddy Poppy drives in May. Working on Legislative stuff
    • Canteen and House Committee reports given by Comrade Holmes.
      • Interviewed a candidate for a new bartender and possible manager, initially made offer, but decided to rescind the offer.
      • Reported on membership - only post in district at 100%
      • Comrade Alex reported on Community Service report. Due end of month. Need everyone to either enter on web site on write a note that documents what you've done and someone will enter it.
      • Planning Valentines dance on Saturday Feb 16th.
      • Water heater still broke
  9. Reading of Official Communications: (01:07:20)
    General Order #8 highlights were read to membership and some items were brought up for discussion. District meeting Feb 24th Arab
  10. Unfinished Business: (01:17:30)
    • Past Commander/Presidents pictures removed form hall. Need to build collage in hallway to restore and archive. National has provided us names of past commanders. Need people from both Post and Auxiliary to try to help identify persons in photo's of past Commanders.
    • Question raised about Post paying due out of Relief fund. Might have to ask question at Department level. Someone needs to get answer to question.
  11. New Business: (1:19:10)
    • Comrade Thornton discussed supplies needed for Programs. Alex made motion to allocate $800, Holmes seconded. Motion carried.
    • No one going to Winter conference - no hotel rooms
    • Water heater lengthly discussion (12 Minutes!) with all the Plumbers responding. Finally Alex made motion to allocate $500 for purchase, with some leeway allowed by house committee, seconded by Plam. Motion carried.
    • With previous past Commander LaPoints passing, his position as current Senior Vice Commander is Vacant. Commander Shelly opened nominations for Senior Vice Commander. Jr Vice Commander has optioned not to move up. He feels he can best serve the VFW in his present position. Comrade Shelley nominated Comrade Holmes for Senior Vice Commander. Vote taken and Comrade Holmes unanimously voted in.
  12. Good of the Order: (01:39:21)
    • Just more discussion on stuff - (Lorena)
  13. Closing Ceremonies: (01:43:22) Performed and meeting Adjourned at 8:05pm by Commander Shelley. Next meeting Feb 12th, 2019.
Steven Alex