VFW Post 8600
Gadsden Alabama
817 Rainbow Dr
Gadsden Alabama, 35901
Phone: 256.546.2440

VFW Post 8600 Commanders

This is a combination of VFW records on Post commanders and pictures that were in the dance hall (it was unfinished business for a looong time!.) Many Commanders were not reported to national and show up as NO RECORD. If there is no picture, it will say 'No Picture'. There were a few pictures without tags that we guessed who they were, but may be wrong. They will have a (??) after their name.

1950-51 Sol H. Morgan (??)
1951-52 Lewis D. Ervin
1952-53 Ollen Humpries
1953-54 Henry Ussrey (??)
1954-55 William H. Moulds
1955-56 M. P. Wilwee
1956-57 M. P. Wilwee
1957-58 Howard D. Bridges
1958-59 Willis G. Burke
1959-60 Howard S. Means
1960-61 Howard S. Means
1961-62 Dennis S. Trussell
1962-63 Dennis S. Trussell
1963-64 Junior M. Arthur
1964-65 Junior M. Arthur
1965-66 Junior M. Arthur
1966-67 Robert W. Tinsley
1967-68 A. L. Elkins
1968-69 A. L. Elkins
1969-70 Ray Lafellette
1970-71 Ray Lafellette
1971-72 Joseph L. Panell
1972-73 Joseph L. Panell
1973-74 Donald R. Garrett
1974-75 Donald R. Garrett
1975-76 L. J. Chapman
1976-77 Joseph J. Willut
1977-78 Joseph J. Willut
1978-79 John W. Pitts
1979-80 William A. Brown
1980-81 Bobby J. Foster (NR)
1981-82 L.G. Culpper (NR)
1982-83 Odis H. Cook (NR)
1983-84 Lacel T. Phillips (NR)
Picture Missing
1984-85 NO RECORD
Picture Missing
1985-86 NO RECORD
Picture Missing
1986-87 NO RECORD
1987-88 Billy A. Clark (NR)
Picture Missing
1988-89 NO RECORD
Picture Missing
1989-90 NO RECORD
1990-91 Billy A. Clark
1991-92 Gordon M. Bullock
1992-93 Billy A. Clark
1993-94 Gordon M. Bullock
1994-95 Gordon M. Bullock
1995-96 James H. Brown
1996-97 Horace O. Franklin
1997-98 Raymond D. Bodine
1998-99 Raymond D. Franklin
Picture Missing
1999-20 Melvin C. Waddell
2000-01 Raymond D. Franklin
Picture Missing
2001-02 Howard Harp, Sr.
Picture Missing
2002-03 Howard Harp, Sr.
Picture Missing
2003-04 NO RECORD
Picture Missing
2004-05 Howard Harp, Sr.
Picture Missing
2005-06 Ira Hand
Picture Missing
2006-07 Howard Harp, Sr.
Picture Missing
2007-08 Richard Schafer
Picture Missing
2008-09 Howard Harp, Sr.
Picture Missing
2009-10 Howard Harp, Sr.
Picture Missing
2010-11 Tina Bush (DSQ)
Picture Missing
2011-12 Tina Bush (DSQ)
Picture Missing
2011-12 Dan Brown
Picture Missing
2012-13 Conrad Inamorati
2012-13 Johnny Holmes
2013-14 Kenneth Noojin
2014-15 Kenneth Noojin
2014-15 David LaPoint
2015-16 David LaPoint
2016-17 David LaPoint
2017-18 David LaPoint
Picture Missing
2018-19 Joyce Shelley
Picture Missing
2019-20 Joyce Shelley
Picture Missing
2020-21 Joyce Shelley